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Join the LION revolution

Grapheur is the flexible and powerful Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics tool built according to the "LION" way (machine learning plus intelligent optimization).

  • A unique synthesis of business intelligence, predictive analytics and automation.
  • Explore your business data guided by your preferences and get fresh insight.
  • Protean panels adapting to your needs and drag-and-drop actions.
  • Predictive models to improve your decisions.
  • Automation through intelligent optimization.
  • The above features, in a self-service manner which makes you go at your super-fast speed, no more waiting for somebody else.

Why Grapheur?


Let our software adapt to your mind and not your mind to the software.


Tired of feeling you are a slave of bloated IT software?
Join our liberation campaign.


The LION way empowers the individual.


Use space, time, color, shapes, blinking, sweeps, synchronization...
for amazing results.


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